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Could those names still appear in that culture even if it’s not their culture of origin? And are her maiden name

Whilst there are definitely Arabs with non-Arabic names (Lebanese Christians have used Greek or French names for centuries), it’s very unlikely an Arabic speaking family with no genetic connection to Pakistan would chose those particular names, especially over two generations.

Tariq and Mahmoud are both definitely legitimate Arabic names. ‘Mahmoud’ is a surname in many countries (‘Tariq Mahmoud’ without the al could also have been Pakistani), but ‘al Mahmoud’ is far more unusual. It’s definitely a real surname though, primarily in Qatar according to google. Dunno if Qatar is what EA was going for, but…

I can’t picture EA putting that much research or effort into the family tree, but I could see someone on their team with a personal connection coming up with the names. So it would seem that Nighat’s father is Arabic and her mother is Pakistani (or at least their names are).

Thank you for your knowledge! I apologize that I left out their Pakistani heritage before; I was going off of some incorrect information on the wiki and babynaming websites.

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Sims 2 PSA


Nighat = Urdu

Benazir = Sindhi

Not Arabic. Not Middle Eastern.

Don’t forget Pakistan, guys!

Could those names still appear in that culture even if it’s not their culture of origin? And are her maiden name “Al Mahmoud” and father’s name “Tariq” real Arabic names?

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Anonymous asked: Hi so I'm reading F&R for like the 40th time and I just thought about something... Did Dina ever realize that it was Mortimer she was trying to seduce in chapter 2? Did she ever put two and two together or has she just forgotten about that completely? Cause Mike comes up and he mentions Bella and Cassie and in the interlude Dina and Mike are babysitting Cassie but in Chapter 3 Dina is surprised to find out Bella is Mike's sister.. Idk Skell it's late and I'm being confusing but I'm just curious.


I like questions like this!

Dina never met Bella when she first met Mike, though she did help babysit for Cassandra. She didn’t remember Mortimer’s last name (and thought his name was “Morty”) and he looks different now that he’s older with a mustache. So if she saw his picture in the paper, he’d seem weirdly familiar but she wouldn’t know how. And if Bella was in the picture she probably wouldn’t have even noticed anything else.

Now she remembers everything and knows how it fits together, though, which adds to the awkward tension with Mortimer.

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Is it possible to turn aging off for a specific sim instead of the whole house?

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Aging the boys down for CiJ preview pics. Nice transition outfits!

Aging the boys down for CiJ preview pics. Nice transition outfits!

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A few shots of the house and dancing.

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(Un)Pleasantview Don and the Calientes response to their TS4 ‘canon’:


Nina: “I don’t know what’s worse, the obvious fake imposter that is my mother, or that Donald would even dare to touch her. He knows how I feel about losing her, he watched me as I struggled to come to terms with her death. He may be a womanizer, but that does not make him crude. In fact, he can be quite the gentleman when he wants to be!”

Don: “Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. No offense, but EW. I’ll take Nina any day, but this Katrina AND Dina? Hah no. Mortimer would kill me…in my sleep. And where the fudge is Mr Caliente in all of this? Huh? He would be the worst in all of this, because he would use his creepy alien mind voodoo on me for even daring to look at his wife! Okay, slight exaggeration, he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but still!”

Dina: “Hello, grandfather? This is Dina, you know, your granddaughter? I could really do with an alien abduction of the TS4 producers right about now. I don’t care what you do with them afterwards. Heck, you can even dump them in Strangetown with no memory of who they are. Thanks lots and hope your pollinating is going well!”

Nighat: “Was my Arabic and Egyptian roots too exotic to come to terms with? How rude!”

Flamenco: “…I do not know what to say, since I am strangely absent from all of this.”

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Anonymous asked: I saw on your blog that someone asked you what would Dina do if she found out she's pregnant. My question is, what would Nina do in this situation?


The only way I could see her going through with a pregnancy is as a surrogate for Dina because she can’t carry one herself. (but Mike would still be more willing than her)

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