TM Battleshipping Nominations
  • OTP: Dina Caliente/Michael Bachelor
  • OT3: Mortimer Goth/Dina Caliente/Michael Bachelor
  • Favorite Female Ship: Natasha Una/Florence Delarosa
  • Favorite Male Ship: Kiernen Tricou/Kvornan Tricou
  • Favorite Teen Ship: skip
  • Favorite College Ship: skip
  • Favorite Elder Ship: Olive Specter/Ichabod Specter
  • Favorite May/December Ship (adult/elder): Jennicor Tricou/Don Lothario
  • Favorite Married/Engaged Maxis Couple: Jon Smith Tricou/Jennicor Tricou
  • Best Unrequited Love: Don Lothario -> Nina Caliente
  • Best Love/Hate Relationship: Titania Summerdream/Oberon Gossamer
  • Best Friends with Benefits: Don Lothario/Nina Caliente
  • Sweetest Ship: Dina Caliente/Michael Bachelor
  • Hottest Ship: Jon Smith Tricou/Jennicor Tricou
  • Funniest Ship: Nyllisit/Kiernen/Kvornan/Jennail Tricou
  • Favorite Uberhood Ship: Chloe Curious/Nina Caliente
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Totally Maxis Battleshipping: NOMINATIONS! →


Inspired by the Maxis Taste Ships Match of 2010, it’s time for Totally Maxis to celebrate sim love! You have until August 1st to nominate your favorite ships, which will then be put to the vote!


  • Nominees must be TS2 premades. (This includes playables, NPCs, townies, and dead…
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Modish Kitten Bikini Recolors: Part I

Okay, so!  I love this bikini but I wasn’t a huge fan of the dual-coloured top & bottom in the original version, so I worked all day on fixing it with photoshop, then proceeded to learn how to make a bunch of solid recolours of the bikini!  I plan to do more of these, but basically this was my learning project for “how to make sims 2 stuff” for me.  XD

The mesh is included.

Thank you to Keoni for helping me out with a bunch of my silly little questions!


Original Mesh for TS3 by Modish Kitten

Conversion to TS2 by Lemonlion

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Now anyone can get the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection without having to harass some EA employee. You can find instructions here. The code is only redeemable until July 31st, so grab it while you can!

here y’all go!

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Part 2 of 4.  I love the scene I ended up writing between Olive and Ichabod.  I’ll probably put it up as a followers gift eventually.

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Thank you!

Thank you all for you help with that castle stuff! :D You guys found me exactly what I was looking for.

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Where can I find windows/doors that make it look like there’s a giant hole in the wall or other things that would fit for a ruined castle?

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Andrea Lawrence.

(I like the CAS demo since I’m mainly a sim-maker, but this doesn’t convince me to buy the game at all, especially since the last “gameplay” video EA uploaded. Also I don’t think my ts2 editing works for ts4 :S)

So pretty!

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Anonymous asked: What would Dina do if she found out she's pregnant?


As a family secondary, I think she’d keep it, but that’s not an issue my Dina is going to have to face.

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